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Gluten Free Restaurants in Spokane and Surrounding Areas

No matter your dietary needs, you shouldn't have to skip out from great food or excellent restaurants. If you're among people who have gluten-sensitivity or a gluten-free lifestyle then you know how tough it can be sometimes to go out to eat. The Old European is proud to be among the the few gluten-free restaurants in Spokane, able to satisfy your desire for classic European dishes that won't upset your health.

We open our doors to
welcome anyone and everyone, no matter their dietary needs. We see it as our
responsibility to make The Old European a comfortable place to enjoy breakfast,
lunch, and dinner no matter what you can or cannot eat. We don't have some side
menu with one or two options, but an entire menu dedicated to those who enjoy
gluten-free food.

Let's take a look at
some of our Gluten-Free breakfast foods at The Old European:

Gluten-Free Buckwheat Hotcakes

Often people who cannot have gluten have to skip out on pancakes and we thought that was a tragedy. We're also serve Post Falls, Idaho and are one of the only gluten-free restaurants in Post Falls, and just a short drive from Spokane. You can enjoy hotcakes along with anyone else because it's made of buckwheat. Buckwheat is a pseudo cereal that was once an all-purpose flour popular in the United States. If you want some extra zing in your pancakes, you can even add some blueberries or bananas.

Veggie Browns and Cheese

In the mood for
something a little more hearty? You can try a bed of hash browns covered with
roasted broccoli, zucchini, onions and peppers, topped with cheddar cheese.
It's a great option when skipping out on meat and needing a gluten-free
breakfast in Spokane. It's one of those filling dishes that you may have to
loosen a belt for, just as a good breakfast should do.

Gluten Free Omelets

Whether with our German sausage or bacon, you can enjoy one of the crowning breakfast items that everyone has. Except this one is one of the only gluten-free restaurants in the Spokane Area. The Old European's omelet can be more traditional with ingredients such as ham and cheese or spice it up with avocado or spinach. If your diet is gluten-free and vegetarian, we have you covered there as well, we have many options for a veggie omelet as well.

Hungarian Goulash

A favorite on our gluten-free menu and speaks to our Old European way, something you won't find at other gluten-free restaurants in Spokane. With a bed of potatoes topped with ham, bacon, crumbling sausage, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and our secret spice blend, you're in for quite the treat. Did we mention it also comes with 4 eggs cooked as you wish? If you're going to come to a place called The Old European and needing a gluten-free breakfast, why not try a European dish?

Beyond the Gluten-Free Breakfast

For our gluten-free
lunch options, we offer quite a few European soups that we rotate every day.
You can taste the flavors of the old-world without harming your health or
having to skip out on what the rest of the table is enjoying. Just ask what is
the soup that day on our gluten-free menu and you're all set to go.

If you're not in the
mood for soup you can also enjoy our Mediterranean salad which includes organic
cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, and onions, and topped with black olives, feta
cheese, and an oil and garlic dressing. A filling but lite way to continue on
gluten-free and not to be weighed down if returning back to work.

Know The Old European Is Gluten-Free

Among the gluten-free
restaurants in Spokane, we offer a taste of a different world. While many of
our items are customary of restaurants, you can explore spices and flavors that
generally don't exist in the everyday restaurant.

When looking for a
gluten-free restaurant in Spokane, come to the Old European. We don't just have
one or two items thrown together to appease a group of people, we took the
opportunity to challenge ourselves to create the same great food in a different
way. Everyone should enjoy the taste and comfort of our food and we make sure
that everyone can. Whether you eat meat, are a vegetarian, or are
gluten-sensitive there is a dish for you to enjoy here.

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