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The Old European Way

We believe dining out should be a wonderful experience, not just a place to eat. With the economic trends of today, most breakfast and lunch restaurants have to accommodate a fast-paced society by being quick, efficient and inexpensive. In doing so, the art of real home cooking gets lost, because quality requires time and raw ingredients. Few establishments take the risk of scratch batters, fearing inconsistency and demand of constant training. Even fewer are equipped to create products which are unique and difficult to produce.

  1. As our name connotes, our menu features many traditional old European recipes. Recipes that not only take time, but also the “raw “ingredients make our foods noticeably better. We hope that from the time you walk in our door until you finish with your meal you will experience the special pleasure.

Swedish Crêpes

Served with strawberries engulfed with pure whipped cream. Swedish Crepes are thicker and softer than French Crepes. Our recipe is made with fresh orange juice and many eggs.

Plate of 3 Strawberry Swedish Crepes filled with Sweet Cream Filling

Plate of 3 Lingenberry Swedish Crepes filled with Sweet Cream Filling

Leo’s Crepes (a customer favorite!)

3 Swedish Crepes filled with our Sweet Cream Filling topped with bananas, caramel, pecans and lots of whipped cream.

German Potato Pancakes

Devoured in all regions of Germany by rich and poor alike. Potatoes were easy to grow, serving as a staple in the diet of the rich and peasants alike. Recipes vary depending upon which community your family was from. We put bits of spicy German sausage in the batter and serve them hot of the skillet with applesauce and sour cream.

Plate of 3

Stuffed French Toast

The French Theory concerning food is... “Why make it do, when you can make it delightful?”

Stack of French Toast with Bananas & Pure Whipped Cream drizzled with a rich caramel sauce. | 

Stack of French Toast stuffed with 2 Scrambled eggs mixed with ham, bacon and sausage.

Stack of French Toast stuffed with Strawberries and Pure Whipped Cream.

Stack of thick-sliced French Toast, extravagantly powdered with sugar.

Hot Cakes

Particularly Scandinavian, but enjoyed all the way to Wales when they are made from scratch with real buttermilk and eggs. 

Stack of three Hot Cakes

Add Blueberries, Peaches, Bananas or Strawberries topped with Pure Whipped Cream

Add Chocolate Chips topped with Pure Whipped Cream

Buckwheat Hot Cakes

Buckwheat is not wheat at all. It is an herb related to rhubarb. The flour is made from grinding the seeds. Russia produces the greatest amount of buckwheat worldwide. We are pleased to serve them plain, with blueberries, or with bananas and whipped cream.

Stack of two Buckwheat Hot Cakes

Stack of Buckwheat Hot Cakes with blueberries or bananas topped with Pure Whipped Cream

Eggs Benedict 

Served with potatoes

Traditional: French Hollandaise sauce over ham, eggs, and a muffin.

Sausage: French Hollandaise sauce over sausage, eggs and a muffin.

European Breakfasts

Large, simple breakfasts with meats, eggs, potatoes and warm breads or cakes.
The English like to eat in this manner. Country folk in Scotland, England and Wales enjoyed this hearty fare, washed down with plenty of tea and sometimes coffee. The Scandinavian countries, however, would gladly exchange toast for pastries, but also enjoyed meat and eggs.

  1. First, choose how you would like your 2 eggs cooked (no substitutions) Over Easy, Over Medium or Scrambled
  2. Next, choose your favorite meat:
2 Slices of Bacon, 2 Sausage Patties, 4 oz. Ham Steak or German Sausage 4 Slices of Bacon or 3 Sausage Patties
  3. Now pick one of the following selections
    1. 2 Buttermilk Hot Cakes
    2. Potatoes & Toast
    3. French Toast
    4. Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll 
  4. Or choose one from these selections
    1. 2 Buckwheat Hot Cakes
    2. Original Danish Aebelskivers
    3. Stuffed Danish Aebelskivers
    4. Blueberry Danish Aebelskivers (Not available in Pullman)
    5. Fresh Fruit Bowl
    6. Biscuits & Gravy
    7. German Potato Pancakes** 

You can have a lot of fun adding fruits and cream, veggies, country sausage gravy, cheese, or sour cream to the side dishes.

*Lingonberry not available in Pullman

*Ableskivers not available as sides

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Every Glass of our Orange Juice is fresh squeezed right in front of you!

Austrian Coffee

Austrians love fine culture, happiness, music, dancing and Arts. To life and happiness, we prepare it as in the Vienna coffee Houses. Freshly brewed, steaming hot and topped with Mounds of Fluffy whipped Cream!