Wheat Free Menu

Gluten Free Restaurant in Post Falls, Idaho It’s hard to find a restaurant in post falls that offers gluten free menu options for breakfast or lunch. We’ve got you covered, take a look at some our favorite wheat free dishes below. Wheat Free Menu: Veggie Browns and Cheese Buckwheat Hot Cakes Hungarian Goulash European Breakfast Enjoy a… Continue reading Wheat Free Menu

Hungarian Goulash

Traditional Hungarian Goulash Try one of our breakfast favorites, this old homemade goulash will fill you up in no time. Whether you’re in Pullman, Spokane, or Post Falls, this is sure to be the best goulash you’ve had in a while. Old European Goulash Ingredients: Potatoes, veggies, eggs and three types of meat mixed together, topped… Continue reading Hungarian Goulash

Homemade Soups

Traditional European Home Made Soups Visit us in Post Falls, Idaho and enjoy traditional European soups: Old European Soup Menu: Sweet Tomato Basil Soup Irish Potatoe and Bacon Soup Farmer’s Stew Butternut Squash Soup Lentil Soup Portuguese Bean and Sausage Soup For the best experience try pairing one of our homemade soups with a good… Continue reading Homemade Soups

Rolls & Sweet Cakes

Old European Rolls and Sweet Cakes Menu Enjoy the best European style sweet rolls and cakes for breakfast or as dessert after a delicious meal. Rolls and Sweet Cake Menu: Buckwheat Hot Cakes Cream Cheese Cinamon Roll Banna and Pican Hot Cakes Banana Stuffed French Toast Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Roll Enjoy the best dessert in Post Falls,… Continue reading Rolls & Sweet Cakes


All Sandwiches served with one of our homemade soups. Best Sandwiches in Post Falls, Idaho Enjoy European style sandwiches along with some home made soup. Nothing beats a sandwich with home made soup, take a look at our breakfast and lunch favorites below. European Style Sandwich Menu: Turkey Tomato and Lettuce Sandwich Greek Chicken Sandwich Grilled Cheese… Continue reading Sandwiches


Traditional European  Beverages Taste the many beverage offerings from freshly squeezed lemonade to Austria Coffee. Enjoy a taste of home made tradition. The Old European Restaurant Beverage Menu: Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Salted Caramel Coffee Organic French Press Coffee Spice Caramel Apple Cider Austrian Coffee Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Are you searching for the best coffee shops… Continue reading Beverages


Traditional European Omelet Menu Best Breakfast in Post Falls, old European style with all your favorite dishes, take a look below. Omelet Menu: Enjoy one of our homemade European omelets from the following options: Bacon, Avocado and Swiss Omelet – A customer favorite! (pictured above) Ham & Cheddar Munich (German sausage, mushrooms, & Swiss cheese) Bacon… Continue reading Omelets

European Breakfasts

    Large, simple breakfast with meats, eggs, potatoes and warm bread or cakes. Old European Style Breakfasts in Post Falls Visit our famous breakfast diner located in post falls Idaho and choose how you’d like your eggs cooked, then your choice of German sausage, bacon or sausage patties. With your meat and eggs, select… Continue reading European Breakfasts

Gluten Free Meals

Looking for a gluten free menu in Post Falls, Idaho? The Old European Restaurant has a whole section of the menu devoted to gluten free food items that are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for a delicious European breakfast or lunch. Just because a person has a gluten allergy or is just merely looking to… Continue reading Gluten Free Meals

Signature Dishes

European Food near Me

Old European Restaurant Signature Dishes The Old European Restaurant built its name on these traditional European dishes.  Old European Signature Dishes Menu: Danish Aebleskivers Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Dutch Baby Sweedish Crepe Banana Stuffed French Toast Austrian Coffee Buckwheat Hot Cakes Bacon Avocado and Swiss Omelet Sweet Tomato Basil Soup Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll