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The Best Soup in Spokane & Surrounding Areas

Its become a bit of a bad habit to ignore lunch or to get it on the go. It’s a good and healthy mid-day break to be enjoyed, even if it cannot always be leisurely. Lunch doesn’t have to be a drawn-out meal either, things like soup don’t take long to order or to eat but can be as hearty as a good breakfast. So, if on a lunch-break or just needing to get out for some good ole’ fashioned mid-day meal, where would one go for soup in Spokane? Why not try a traditional European homemade soup at the Old European. While we’re primarily known for our traditional breakfasts and Austrian coffees, don’t neglect our European homemade soups when needing nourishment at noon. Let’s talk about why soup is the perfect mid-day meal.


Soup Can Increase the Amount of Vegetables You Eat

Let’s face it, many of us are guilty of not having the recommended amount of veggies in our diet. Many soups are vegetable dense and can fix that problem in a jiffy. For example, our Butternut Squash soup or a Farmer’s soup could be just the trick to kick your vegetable quote back in high gear. So when looking for a mid-day meal, don’t neglect the option of soup in Spokane, Post Falls or Pullman.


Soup Helps with Dieting

Soup has the tendency to help you feel full while not skimping on the energy usually gained from more calories. Our Lentil soup, for example, is a good and healthy meal that can certainly keep your stomach happy while trimming the waist. There is nothing like staying fit and healthy while keeping the tongue and tummy entertained.


Soup is a Meal

While our lunchtime sandwiches all come with our homemade soups, a hearty soup can be a big meal. For instance, our Portuguese Bean and Sausage soup is definitely going to fill you up. That’s why there are to-go bowls and cups. Now, if you’re especially hungry than just do the full lunch. Imagine the satisfaction you’d get with our Black Russian sandwich and Portuguese bean and sausage soup. When looking for soup in Spokane, that meal could be lunch and dinner.


Soup Fits a Budget

Avoiding going out because you think meals at a restaurant are expensive? Perhaps even soup delivery in Spokane you’d think is pricey, well that is another good thing about this hearty style of meals. Since most soups aren’t made with pricey ingredients, the dish themselves tend to be on the cheaper end. Even if it’s a gourmet or elegant soup, like our Sweet Tomato Basil, the price is just right for any budget. So if low on cash and looking for soup in Spokane, make sure to check out our traditional European made soup selection.

Soup is one of those dishes that can offer a cascade of flavors near any combination. Think about it, a steak is always a steak no matter how it’s seasoned. It’s a steak that is seasoned differently than another. Same with any protein and most vegetables. Soup, on the other hand, takes all the ingredients and bubbles them together into a cornucopia of flavors into a unique one.  No matter if you lean towards savory, sweet, creamy, cold, hot, or spicey, there is a soup for you. It’s a good call when you can’t decide what you’re in the mood for, chances are a soup will hit the spot, unlike most other dishes. 

Soup All Day

Unlike most meals you’d bring home from a restaurant, soup can be frozen and used for multiple meals. Let’s say you’re already full from our Greek Chicken sandwich but still have our Irish Potatoe and Bacon soup on your table, just wrap it up and take it home. It won’t go soggy or become tasteless if you can’t finish it at the restaurant and we all know that we consider this when going out to eat. What can I bring home if too full? When debating where to go and dine with coworkers on a lunch break, remember to search for soup in Spokane because you could be picking up dinner as well.

As you can see, soup is the perfect mid-day meal for a variety of reasons. Even if you’re not looking for a hearty bowl of one of our traditional European soups we still have a variety of sandwiches inspired by the other side of the Atlantic. If you can’t make up your mind, remember that our soups come with the sandwich. When looking around for lunch or just a lunch-type meal, give The Old European a try and not only will you agree that soup is a great noontime feed, but that we are the soup in Spokane.

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