Gluten Free Meals

Looking for a gluten free menu in Post Falls, Idaho? The Old European Restaurant has a whole section of the menu devoted to gluten free food items that are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for a delicious European breakfast or lunch.

Just because a person has a gluten allergy or is just merely looking to avoid ingesting gluten as a lifestyle choice doesn’t mean that they should have to accept poor menu selection. Here at the Old European Restaurant, we welcome anyone and everyone and have a menu that can accommodate almost any dietary requirements, including gluten-free menu options.

Wondering what we have to offer in terms of gluten free foods? Here is what we have in store for you as one of the best gluten free restaurants post falls.

Gluten-Free Menu Items At Old European Restaurant

The Old European Restaurant in Post Falls has a gluten-free menu with options to cater to almost any diner. We have breakfast and lunch menu items available and brunch items as well. The person looking to avoid gluten can get nearly anything they need in terms of a scrumptious gluten-free food in Post Falls.

What do we have cooking that’s gluten free?

Veggie Browns And Cheese

As one of the most reliable gluten free restaurants post falls, we offer veggie browns and cheese. This is not only a gluten free menu item, but vegetarian as well. You get a bed of hashbrowns, topped with roasted broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, onions and peppers, then topped with cheddar cheese. You skip the meat, yet still can enjoy a hearty, delicious breakfast along with a healthy dose of vegetables.

Gluten Free Omelettes

gluten free omlettes from old european

Omelettes may be the ultimate gluten free menu item, as most breakfast restaurants have them. The Old European Restaurant is no exception. Enjoy traditional fare such as ham and cheese omelettes, bacon and cheddar, our famous German omelette – featuring German sausage, mushrooms and Emmental cheese – our bacon, acovado and spinach omelette, and two choices of veggie omelette.

Hungarian Goulash

The star of our gluten free menu is our Hungarian goulash breakfast. We start with a bed of potatoes, topped with ham, bacon, crumbled sausage, peppers, onions, tomatoes and our secret spice blend. (It’s goulash, so it probably includes paprika!) For good measure, you also get 4 eggs cooked to order. It is hard to find a combination of this type in other gluten free restaurants post falls.

You can even opt for a meat-only goulash, should you desire to get a boatload of protein without having to worry about gluten!

Buckwheat Hotcakes Are A Great Gluten-Free Pancake

gluten intolerant pancake options

A person that follows a gluten-free eating plan might presume that hotcakes are either forever lost to them, or that they can only be had with strange flours that aren’t nearly as delectable.


The Old European Restaurant can offer buckwheat hotcakes, an Old World tradition. Buckwheat is a pseudocereal that’s popular as an all-purpose flour in most of the world but has fallen out of favor in the United States in recent decades. Buckwheat flour produces hotcakes that are dense, yet fluffy and airy, and wholly delicious…and gluten free. That’s right. You can get gluten-free pancakes that will satisfy your cravings. You can even add blueberries or bananas if desired.

Gluten Free European Breakfast Options

Enjoy our hot European breakfast, one of our most popular gluten-free menu items, featuring German sausage, 2 eggs cooked to order, hashbrowns and grilled veggies. Hearty, healthy and satisfying to anyone.

Soups And Salad


best gluten free soup in post falls

Looking for a hearty or healthy lunch? We have a number of rotating soups every day (ask about our soup du jour) as well as our famous Mediterranean salad, featuring organic cucumbers, tomatoes, greens and onions, topped with black olives, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and a special oil and garlic dressing – completely free of gluten if you order without whole wheat toast.

These among our other gluten free menu items can satisfy the appetite of nearly anyone looking for a gluten free food choice.