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A TRIBUTE – The Old European’s Story

1989:  The concept of  REMEMBERING OUR HERITAGE,  came to life in the form of “Old Country Waffles Cakes and Teas,” (later to be renamed  the  Old European Restaurant), opened in Pullman Washington.

It came about that a little deserted building which had at one time been a pancake house,  sat unoccupied, and needed to be reopened.  Francie Parker was asked by her then husband Rick Pedersen and the other investors, to develop a name, a menu, and a décor, that would make this little business have a special life.

In contemplation of how this business could have special meaning, the marvelous thinking, hard work and endurance which led our founding fathers, our great and great, great grandparents, to come to America to live their lives in a new country, served as reason to honor our American heritage in this little business.  Our way of paying tribute first is to remember their struggle and dedication to new life, by serving the vary same recipes which they brought with them from “the old country.

  The idea of using our restaurant to tell their stories, and serve their favorite recipes, seemed a perfect tribute to their dedication to God, Family and Country, if indeed the food was prepared from scratch in much the same manner as they had done. Twenty five years later, this tribute continues.

“Gosc w Dom, Bag w Dom”

The mission statement she chose is “Gosc w Dom, Bag w Dom”.  A Polish saying which means, Guest in the House, God in the House.  If a theme song could be played, it would be Neil Diamond’s “ They Come to America.”  He pretty well describes the hope these brave men and women had when they left all previously known to stake out a better life for us, their children.

In today’s fast food world, life has become all about money making and time.  Plastic has replaced wood and steel.  Fabrication has replaced craftsmanship.  Mixes have replaced foods prepared from scratch.   BUT, not at the Old European Restaurants.   We actually use original recipes which have made it across the Atlantic.  All our batters are made fresh with real products like eggs that we crack, 100% butter and milk.  We serve real potatoes, real whipped cream, fresh ground coffee, and yes, we do squeeze real oranges so we can serve you REAL orange juice.

Unique and special signature items which you had better try or miss out are;  German Potato Pancakes, Danish Aebelskievers, Dutch Babies, Swedish Crepes, Cream of Tomato Basil Soup with homemade Sunflower Wheat Bread.  Also for lunch you can get a real German Ruben on Dark Rye, or a Greek Chicken and Vegetable sandwich. with an array of homemade soups.

In hopes of remembering…

It has happened through the years, Francie and her daughters are the “original members” still involved in this small family business in Pullman. The Post Falls location is a partnership involving all of the above , which is managed by Melynnda a great granddaughter, and her husband Nate Thiessen. Everyone involved understands the rich heritage passed to us, appreciates it, and strives to carry on the traditions in the form of real food and great service.

Please enjoy the stories she shares in the menu.  You also will notice that we would also love for you to send us stories and recipes that  your  family may have.   Melynnda, (one of the great grand daughters) would love to put it on our web sight, if you would only press the contact us button, and talk to her,  you also will be keeping memories to be honored, alive.