Our People

Real people, real food!

It is a pleasure to serve our community. We would not be in the places we are without the many different faces that come in and out of our restaurants. Below are stories from our customers telling where they have been, and how they found us as well as what they enjoy most about our restaurants.

I moved to Pullman from Maryland as a young adult, and if it wasn't for my good friend S I might not have. The Old European is a big part of what makes the city of Pullman special.  I went to school at WSU where I attained my masters in history. My late husband Mike and I would attend frequently. I even remember being there the day doors opened some years ago. "Bit of Breakfast" has always been my go to, and when I got word of the specials return I was excited. My favorite items are the Buckwheat Pancakes w/ 2 eggs. Cindi has been my server since I can remember and she still servers me today. 


It really is the folks who run the restaurant that make it great! I have been coming here since their opening. I was born & raised here in the Palouse. I attended WSU where I studied agricultural engineering while also running Cattle. (1974) The O.E has always been good to me, and I can't think of many other places that feel the way this place does. You feel good about attending, you are not treated like a stranger. Cindi has been my server for years.


We made the move from Santa Ana California in 1992 in search of something different. My Husband Joe and I are small business owners with a big family! One thing that we love most about the Restaurant is its environment. "..It feels like grandmas...where everyone knows my name..."  I love the oatmeal. It's simple, and it's done right! but if you're new to the Restaurant i'd recommended their Aebelskivers. Outside of the business we operate, I enjoy coffee with my friends, Fellowship with my family and the youth, and camping! 


I wa born in Bremerton WA and spent most of years on the west side. I was working all along the west Coast till I decided to move to East Idaho to be around family! I was blessed to have a Daughter and she has been the light of my life since her arrival. We enjoy the Old European for a variety of reasons. One reason being the community aspect of the restaurant. Our first experience here everyone was so welcoming, and quick to have our names and treat us like real people. Another reason being God at the center of their business. Since I had my little one, I have done all I can to surround her with good community driven people. It is places/Businesses like this that will always get our time because they have built an environment that speaks to what family is. 

Tony B.