January 25

The Best Hungarian Goulash Is Authentic

The Old European promotes authentic recipes cooked in a way that honors the cultural heritage of that dish and that is why we have the best Hungarian goulash. We take our dishes seriously rather than just adding popular items to a menu because everyone else has it. When you choose a place to dine, you’re going for a reason and the one we give you is not only the best Hungarian goulash recipe but a commitment to authentic old European dining. Why go get another dish of French toast or Belgium waffles when they’re the same at most restaurants? If you’re looking for food that speaks across centuries of cuisine and you want something different than what you’ve had everywhere else, The Old European is the place to eat.

We’re not interested in quick fixings to satisfy a hungry belly, our tastes are more discerning and we believe yours are too. For example, our traditional Hungarian Goulash is created with potatoes, veggies, eggs, and three kinds of meat all mixed together, topped with cheddar cheese and fresh tomatoes. A traditional dish that is as authentic as if you had across the Atlantic. Prepared in the manner of the best Hungarian goulash recipe slow cooker, because taste takes time. Don’t worry, you won’t be hungry for long and after you’re done you won’t be hungry till far after. The best Hungarian goulash recipe is one that tides you over even after lunch and if having it for lunch, dinner might not sound as good because you’re still full.

Food is meant to be enjoyed and to keep you satisfied rather than continuously munching all day. What did you pay for if you’re hungry again in an hour? Your body knows good food when it has it and the best Hungarian goulash will satisfy that craving for authentic European food. Each of our 3 locations shares the same dedication to European heritage in cuisine and no matter which restaurant you’re closest to, you’ll agree our dish is the best Hungarian goulash recipe had when dining out.

If you’ve never had Hungarian goulash, let’s break down this delicious dish for you. It’s essentially a rich stew often containing cubs of beef with sautéed vegetables and known to be a Hungarian family favorite. We remain committed to that and we use the best Hungarian goulash slow cooker to make sure that those who’ve tasted authentic goulash cannot tell the difference. While nothing quite beats home cooking, we come pretty close when you feel like dining out, might not be able to tell the difference between the Old European’s goulash recipe and the ones that crossed the Atlantic.

The best Hungarian goulash will inspire and satisfy, may ben drive you to taste more of old European dishes. We’re not bound to only one European country’s cuisine but instead pay homage to the continent where so many recipes have been created. Each of the cuisines we serve is a reflection of our commitment to that culture’s heritage, such as our Irish potato and bacon soup. Our base and spirit is authenticity and when you dine at the Old European that is exactly what you’ll be having. From the best Hungarian goulash to the most delicious Austrian coffee. We run the gamut of European heritage and are genuine with each dish.

When feeling your stomach rumble, your tongue crying out for new flavors, and the kitchen doesn’t look like a fun place to be, head out to one of our locations and try the best Hungarian goulash in the area. No matter if you’re in Post Falls Idaho, Pullman or Spokane Washington, each place will deliver the flavors of the Old World and satisfy those cravings. Dining out should expand your horizons rather than keep you bound in the same old same old. Travel the world from your corner and hopefully, you’ll have the chance to come to the best Hungarian goulash in the area to the goulash in Hungary one day. We’re confident that you’ll see little difference.

See you at the Old European, where authenticity and heritage are on every plate.

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