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Aebleskivers, an Authentic European Breakfast

Enjoying a European breakfast often comes with familiar food names but, every so often you may come across a food you don’t immediately recognize, like Aebleskiver. Foods that sound different than what we’re accustomed to aren’t tried too often, unfortunately. You’d be surprised how familiar a new dish could be even though the name is radically different. Aebleskiver is a great example of that and if you’ve been hankering for a true European breakfast or feel like exploring more European cuisines then indulging in an authentic aebleskiver recipe is a great way to satisfy that hunger.

So, what is an aebleskiver and how did it come to be? What does it taste like and where can I find aebleskiver near me? You’ll find those delicious answers here. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be rushing to your search engine and entering ” aebleskiver near me”. If you’re not, well then you should.

What Is an Aebleskiver?

First, let’s go over how it’s pronounced. Like many words, there are a few ways to say it: eb-el-ski-ver or a-bla-ski-va. That’s only two of the ways to say it, but either will suffice. But, that doesn’t tell you what this European breakfast dish is though why not be able to pronounce the dish you’re about to enjoy.

Aebleskivers are a kind of pancake cooked in half-spherical molds with an almost creamy center while the crust is crisp and browned. Though that may give you an image of an undercooked pancake, rest-assured that is no where near what an aebleskiver is. They’re typically served in threes and though you may find it as part of a European breakfast here, in the dish’s native land it’s served for afternoon coffee breaks or in a winter evening. It makes sense that aebleskivers would be served for breakfast here as they’re often dusted with powdered sugar and either filled or topped with more tart jams, served with whipped cream and some maple syrup. Sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? These are typically breakfast additions in the states, so don’t feel bad if you’re craving one in the morning rather than the traditional time to have them.

The batters for aebleskivers are typically based in either baking powder or yeast for leavening and run the gamut in flavor. Much like all the varieties of pancakes here, aebleskivers’s batter can be played with taste wise. Just because it’s listed as an aebleskiver doesn’t mean it’ll taste the same as another, see how it has been prepared for you or if at a family gathering, ask how they like it or are making it.

Aebleskiver Origins

The aebleskiver is thought to have originated with the Vikings and used to restore strength after a battle. Whether this is actually true or not, no one knows, but it certainly is a nice tale to tell again. The earliest known aebleskivers have been found in 300-year-old pans that were made of copper. That didn’t last too long as copper wasn’t ideal to cook the aebleskivers in and so were replaced by cast iron. Cast iron is ideal for cooking these European breakfast dishes as it is a natural nonstick and distributes heat evenly. Some things never change.

Aebleskivers were often served with glogg by the Nordics and were a symbol of community and hospitality. Many street vendors would sell aebleskivers for that reason as well and the Scandinavians would have them available for charity or outdoor events. Something that tasty and restorative, plus the sugar which helps you to be in a good mood, it’s no wonder why it would represent and be part of communities.

When enjoying aebleskivers, you’re indulging in a representation of compassion and being neighborly. A fitting dish when out and about with loved ones.

Enjoy the Old European Breakfast

Aebleskivers in Post Falls

Whether having aebleskivers at a traditional time, like afternoon or winter evenings, or enjoying them for breakfast you’re having an authentic and heritage-rich European breakfast. Finding something so far removed from U.S. cuisine could be a tough find, but by searching online for aebleskiver near me you would find the Old European restaurant.

The Old European specializes in all forms of traditional European breakfasts and dishes, like a one-stop shop for the explorative palette. It’s authenticity at its best whether you’re looking for a Hungarian dinner or craving a true aebleskiver recipe, you’ll find it here.

You may be saying to yourself that an aebleskiver is just another pancake. But, the manner in which it’s cooked and what it is flavored with makes all the difference in the world. Think of all the different kinds of pasta that originated in different regions. Pancakes may be a Western cuisine, but how they’re expressed is native to different peoples.

Aebleskiver may not be a common dish, but it’s a delicious one that you should enjoy. We’ll keep the shields hot for you!

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