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Why is Breakfast the Best Meal of the Day?

Why is breakfast the best meal of the day and is that, in fact, true? A tradition or old tale couldn’t have carried on this long without some kernel of truth, right? Luckily, we live in a time when conventional wisdom can be put to the test and as it turns out, the reasons why breakfast is the best meal of the day are indeed myriad.

We’re not all hungry as soon as we wake-up, but that doesn’t mean breakfast isn’t an important meal. It’s more important than making sure your shirts aren’t wrinkled and your hair is done nicely. Here are a few reasons as to why is breakfast the best meal of the day and why it shouldn’t ever be skipped.

Better Memory and Concentration

Your mind needs carbs to function and denying the most important muscle in your body what it needs will sap your abilities throughout the day. Think about having to run a few miles as soon as you wake up or after laying on the sofa for a few hours. It’d be pretty difficult right? Same thing if you skip breakfast and go straight to having to work or study, your brain isn’t stretched or prepped for the job.  Give your brain a boost by having a well-rounded breakfast, it doesn’t have to be a buffet of home fries, toast, and eggs but, it should be what the body needs. Even a quick shake with some grains, nuts, and fruit will be better than nothing.

Why is breakfast the best meal of the day? Because it keeps your mind sharp throughout it.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Skipping breakfast often leads to overeating later on and that translates to higher cholesterol and blood pressure, depending on what you eat of course. Also, breakfast tends to have a lot of fiber foods such as grain and fiber helps to reduce cholesterol. Even a bowl of grain-rich cereal is better than skipping breakfast all-together, no matter how much of a rush you’re in think of your health later on. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast tend to have higher incidences of heart disease than those who don’t. So, don’t skip out on a good meal before starting the day, even if it’s just a bowl of oatmeal. Your heart will thank you.

Why is breakfast the best meal of the day? Keeps your heart healthy and pumping.

Cut Down on Junk Later

Skipping breakfast means you’ll be far hungrier later in the day and will probably go for whatever is convenient. Your body begins craving anything and that usually translates to junk food. Some quick carbs for the mind and sugar for the blood, it’s just a quick fix. Going for a larger meal that is less nutritious can be run amok on your insulin and put you at higher risk for diabetes, all because your body is craving anything to satisfy itself. Also, remember that the time you eat before bed to the time you eat after waking is the longest period of fasting for most of us. Your body is literally starving for fuel by the time you wake up. Eating within two hours of waking helps regulate your blood sugar for the rest of the day and sets the tone for your metabolism. Junk food doesn’t do that, it is just a band-aid for your stomach.

Why is breakfast the best meal of the day? It is holistically beneficial for your body.

Breakfast is the Best Meal of the Day!

Those are just a few reasons as to why breakfast is the best meal of the day and a quick search online will give you plenty more. Although, who needs more of a reason than a delicious meal that settles the stomach? Even if you’re one of those people who are never hungry in the morning, eat something small like oatmeal or a nutritious shake. Worried you won’t have time in the morning? Prep it before bed so you can grab it and go. You don’t need to eat immediately after waking but, you should do it within the first two hours.

Think about it this way, you spend time in the morning getting ready for the day. Making sure you look nice and are clean, help your body and brain get ready too. Breakfast gets your body ready better than coffee and a doughnut; both are just band-aids and a quick jumpstart.

Again, why is breakfast the best meal of the day? Scroll back up and find out!

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