January 31

Why Skipping Breakfast Is a Bad Idea

The Benefits of Eating a Good Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is fairly common, as some studies have found up to 40 percent of Americans neglect a good healthy morning meal. You might think it’s efficient to do so, but you’re doing yourself more harm than good.

Your Concentration And Mood Improve

When you’re hungry, especially after sleeping for hours without eating, your concentration is bound to suffer. For starters, you’ll start thinking more about food! Food fuels the brain as much as the rest of the body and if deprived of calories and nutrients, it won’t run as well. Concentration will, therefore, suffer, as will your productivity.

You also aren’t going to be the most agreeable. Ever hear the term “hangry?” It’s a real thing. Human emotions are tied to external and internal stimuli; among them is hunger. You feel an impulse, a compulsion to eat and when you don’t, your mood quality declines.

What will get your day started in a better fashion as far as mood and other mental functions are concerned? Making sure you get breakfast.

Metabolism And Energy Are Improved As Well

gluten free omlettes from old european

Want to do your metabolism and overall energy level a favor? Stop skipping breakfast.

Numerous studies have actually shown that people who skip breakfast actually have a harder time achieving weight loss. Partially, it’s down to metabolism and not getting enough nutrients. By having even a quick breakfast, you get the engine running – so to speak – and running on the right sort of mixture.

It’s also because skipping breakfast leads to mid-morning snacking to make up for missing a nutritious breakfast. That’s when you get those toaster pastries. That’s when you demolish a donut or two…and another donut or two when people aren’t looking. That’s when the chips and cookies get eaten.

When you have a good breakfast, your energy level goes up because you aren’t running on fumes. You’re more alert, more focused, and ready to get out there and start getting things done.

Bad for the Heart

Skipping breakfast can mess with your ticker both directly and indirectly. According to a study published in the The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, they found that people who eat breakfast are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. This is especially important if heart problems run in your family. 

Not eating a good breakfast is also tied to an increase in behaviors that are tied to heart disease. Seems people are more likely to not exercise, eat too many calories, or smoke instead of munching down on some eggs. It’s understandable that sometimes you have a late morning or are in a rush but, skipping breakfast can lead to serious health problems. 

Don’t Skip Breakfast – Have It With Us At Old European!

Traditional European Breakfast

Instead of skipping breakfast, why not have a delicious, nutritious start to the day? Your overall health and well-being will improve. You practically can’t afford to!

Here at Old European, we have a breakfast menu that’s second to none in the Post Falls, Idaho area. We are able to cater to nearly any dietary or nutritional need and can provide you with the kind of start to the day that you deserve, and that will help you get out there and accomplish!

Want to start with a bevy of protein? Prefer something lighter, perhaps? Or do you need a breakfast of champions? We have options for everyone.

Simpler fare such as bacon, sausage, and eggs, can be had for those needing a solid dose of protein. Crepes with fruit and mascarpone if you’d rather something a little lighter. If you want to balance a sweet tooth with nutrition, try our buckwheat cakes, and if you need a lumberjack style breakfast, look no further than our breakfast goulash. You aren’t likely to get a heartier meal anywhere else.

In the old country, they know how to get the day started right with a good breakfast. Stop in and find out for yourself.

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