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What’s a Monte Cristo Sandwich?

What’s a Monte Cristo Sandwich? 

Enjoying old-styled European cuisine at The Old European Restaurant means taking a bite out of our Monte Cristo sandwich.  Delicious egg-fried sourdough bread with melted cheese , ham, and turkey center can be had at a lunch date with a friend or on a group outing after church. 

The Monte Cristo sandwich isn’t consistent across the country. It’s an extremely popular sandwich in the country’s north-western region, like where The Old European Restaurant resides. Those who reside in the southwest will struggle to find it on the menu. Washington state likes their monte Cristo sandwiches loaded with ham, cheese, and a bit of turkey. The delicious insides are surrounded by what is often sourdough bread battered in egg. 

Having a Monte Cristo sandwich is nothing less than magical. It’s popular in the far western region of the country because that’s where it originally entered on to the American menu. In fact, it got its start at one of the most magical destinations on earth.  Disney Land’s Blue Bayou Restaurant began serving the sandwich to customers in the 1960s. Ours is just as delicious but pan-fried instead of deep. We also add some turkey to add more contrast to the flavors present.

A Little Jelly to Dip It Into

It’s a wonder as to whether this is breakfast or lunch food. The sandwich bread is basically french toast. Some choose to enjoy their Monte Cristo with maple syrup for this reason. The crisp outside of the sandwich can also be paired with jelly. A fresh little cup of it is brought right to the table. The typical method of enjoying a Monte Cristo sandwich is to take it in hand and dip it into the jelly. Some choose to take a knife and smear it. This isn’t easy to do as the cheese often melts on the inside. Pulling it apart can compromise the structural integrity of the sandwich. 

If you’d like, The Old European Restaurant can bring a little powdered sugar to the table if you’re looking to mix sweet and savory flavors. The way you like your Monte Cristo sandwich can tell us a little something about where you’re from. In Southern California, it got its start as a ham and cheese sandwich. 

It’s Truly an American Sandwich 

While it originated as a spin-off of a French sandwich called Croque Monsieur, this sandwich is a grilled cheese fried in butter and served between crustless bread; the Monte Cristo sandwich can first be found in American cookbooks. Its first name was French sandwich. As time went on, it gained more complex names like French Toasted Ham Sandwich. Now, so many sandwiches of different varieties are referred to as The Monte Cristo. 

What does a sandwich need to be called a Monte Cristo? 

All Monte Cristos have two things in common. They are made from egg-fried bread and have melted cheese. Those in search of a true Monte Cristo won’t find a solid definition of it anywhere. While it’s often a meat and cheese sandwich, an egg and cheese variety can be made for those looking to enjoy it on a Kosher diet. There’s no vegan way to make it, but vegetarians may also love the alteration. 

Our Touch of Raspberry Jam 

The Old European Restaurant uses raspberry jam as a delicious dip for the sandwich. Those looking to make it at home may find other types of jams to side with sandwiches deliciously. Black currant jelly is a common recommendation for those looking to pair their sandwich with a nice dip. Most of us have grape jelly lying around the house. Since the Monte Cristo sandwich ingredients are easy to find, like cheese and butter, you can easily whip one up in your own kitchen. Of course, it won’t compare to the professional quality you’ll find at a restaurant.  

While it certainly pairs nicely with raspberry jam, some prefer a more savory pairing with it. Mustard is a common combination. Those who would like it for lunch or dinner may want a savory beef dip with it. 

Have It at the Old European Restaurant 

Sitting down at what was once a little old pancake house but is now fully equipped to bring you the best breakfasts and lunches America and Europe have to bring to the table is sure to bring joy to the whole family. With over nineteen breakfast items alone, everyone in your party is sure to find something scrumptious to eat. If you’re looking for something you won’t typically be able to find on this continent, like Danish Aebelskivers, you’ll find it in its most authentic form. The classic breakfasts you’re used to enjoying, like hotcakes, are also ready for enjoyment after being freshly cooked on the stove. 

Visiting us at lunchtime is just as good. You aren’t only confined to our Monte Cristo. We also have a classic Reuben sandwich. Finding one that compares would mean traveling to the East Coast. If you’re looking for something warm during those challenging winter months, a grilled sandwich pairs well with a hot drink like our peppermint candy cocoa beverage. Others enjoy having their Monte Cristo with freshly squeezed lemonade. Regardless of when you come in, our Monte Cristo sandwiches are made to order and are perfect for any time of year. We also allow minor adjustments to anything on our menu.

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