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The True History Of Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict has been a favorite of many for a long time.  In the 1860s, a couple who frequented the restaurant Delmonicos, Mr. and Mrs. Benedict, wanting something different from the menu.   The two Delmonico brothers, and their chef, Charles Ranhofer, created the Eggs Benedict as we know it now, and the two restaurant visitors loved it.  

Delmonico’s Restaurant Was Around A Long Time

Almost 200 years ago, Delmonico’s Restaurant first came into being.  It was built in 1837 by the Delmonico brothers, who were Swiss-born.  They bragged of their restaurant as being the first in the world to be called a restaurant, and the first to use printed menus.  They also took credit for being the first one to hire women.  They were a pretty  popular place to go, and their Eggs Benedict got rave reviews from the people that visited them to eat their cuisine.  For many people, it became a place that they looked forward to when they frequented the place.  

Ranhhofer’s Egg Benedict Recipe

His recipe was written up in a cookbook called the Epicurean about 120 years ago.  This cookbook helped other chefs learn how to make dishes to serve them in their places.   It was first called Eggs à la Benedick but is now referred to as Eggs Benedict and served in restaurants worldwide. .  They found that their customers loved to have the option of ordering the dish from their breakfast and lunch menus, much to their surprise.  Since it became so popular, they were happy with that, and they made lots of it for many satisfied  customers.    

The Recipe For Eggs Benedict

When making Eggs Benedict, a person should cut English muffins in half, which they toast until brown. .  They should be toasted until brown.  Then, they should place cooked ham that is an eighth of an inch thick on the muffins.  Heat in the oven at a moderate temperature.  Put a poached egg on each toast.  Cover all the muffins with ham and eggs with Hollandaise Sauce.  Today, people make it all the time when they are in the mood for something that is good and simple.  As they make it over and over again, they perfect the recipe and can make it in no time at all.  

People Loved It

Eggs Benedict became more and more popular.  Other restaurants wanted to make it too.  People started making it at home if they couldn’t afford to go to the restaurants.  It was a food that caught on and took off in popularity.  It was such a simple dish, but people loved it so much because it was a bit different than the other dishes.  They found it refreshing to have Eggs Benedict when they went out or even when they were at their own home.  

It Wasn’t Long Until Someone Else Claimed Fame For Creating It

This was another restauranter that decided that he wanted to take credit for Eggs Benedict, and to give acclaim to Lemuel Benedict that worked there.  Oscar from the Waldorf-Astoria wanted to put it on his breakfast and lunch menus and substitute toast with English muffins and the ham with bacon for the recipe for Eggs Benedict.  Even with the changes that he made, he still wanted to take the credit for it.  The Waldorf-Astoria was a fine restaurant that garnered lots of attention over the years.  It’s a place where people went to be seen and to enjoy delicious foods and drinks.  It always got the publicity that it wanted and they had a lot more power than people imagined.  Oscar of the Waldorf could get the papers to write about them whenever he wanted them to, which  allowed him to get a lot of notoriety over the years.     

Waldorf Story Takes First Place

Over time, the Waldorf story was the one that won out over the Delmonicos story.  People believed what they read in the New York Times, and the Smithsonian about Eggs Benedict and they were the ones that got most of the publicity.  When all is said and done, Waldorf-Astoria is the one that seems to own the Eggs Benedict and they fully rave about it.  They had received the publicity that they wanted, and people really believed that the recipe was made in their restaurant instead of in Delmonicos.    

People Love Eggs Benedict

Overall the years that Eggs Benedict has been popular, and it’s been said that it’s because it’s so simple.  It also has to do with the hollandaise sauce, which is a fat, egg yolk, and butter added to the dish that makes it taste so good, and people like to taste something good.  People have always enjoyed a dish with some fat because of the great taste that they can get from it. 

People will eat Eggs Benedict now, and in the future.  It will never go out of style.  As said before, once a person learns how to make it, they perfect it and in no time at all they can make it for someone else and themselves.  Restaurants still serve it too.  Some people still  go out on a morning trip just to get some Eggs Benedict so that they can enjoy it to the fullest extent.  There are many people that just love it, and that won’t change anytime soon.  Eggs Benedict is here to stay for a long time.

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