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What is the Best European Food?

Wondering what you would get when you see some European food in America? It’s good to be curious about what is the best European food when trying it the first time. Any cuisine really, you’d want to know the best dishes. Before you can know what the most delicious items are on a menu, you first have to know what foods are European and which ones are not. You don’t want to sit at a restaurant that specializes in European cuisine and look for tacos, for example. You also don’t want to be told something is German sausage when it isn’t true to tradition.

Let’s begin with some European food facts before going into the foods that originated in Europe we have on our menu. Be prepared to have your mouth watering and a newfound taste for history. 

European Food Facts

Is European food strictly any dish historically served on the European continent? Is Italian food Mediterranean or European food? What about German or Russian? It can get a bit confusing as Russia is in Asia but Asian cuisine is often only thought of as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean for example. It can be understandably confusing as regional cuisine doesn’t always square with our notions of who is who’s traditional food. 

With that in mind, what is European cuisine? 

It is surprisingly simple. It is all the cuisines of the European continent. Each region of Europe brings something a bit different to their table but it’s all part of the greater western menu. For example, one of our dishes is a Swedish crepe while another is Hungarian goulash. That’s right, Hungarian food is European food. We really run the gamut of the best European food at the Old European. Try to hit as many contributions to the greater European cuisine as possible. 

The Best European Food is Breakfast!

The best European foods are the breakfast foods, in our not so humble opinion. It’ll also be the most familiar to you if new to food that originated in Europe. Looking at our menu online, you’ll see we have heavy-duty breakfasts packed with potatoes and meats. You’ll find buckwheat pancakes and omelets. Oh, the buckwheat? That’s why we’re the Old European. 

What about American food?  Is that considered European because it’s also considered western cuisine? Well, it technically is European as many of our traditional dishes were brought by settlers. Though with a unique twist as so many cultures have mingled here over the centuries; including the Native Americans. You won’t find a lot of corn in traditional European foods.  So, American food is western cuisine and inspired by the best European foods but is something entirely its own. We stick to the foods that originated in Europe and untouched by the fusions that have happed throughout history. 

Many of the items on our menu will seem familiar until you look at the style of cooking or some of the ingredients. Another example is our German sausage. You think you’ve had it because it has been listed on a diner menu? Well, we’re committed to serving the best European food and staying authentic. You’re eating real German sausage here. You’re drinking true Austrian coffee. You’ll be dining across Europe without leaving Idaho. 

European Food in America

traditional homemade soups in Post FallsNow that you know some European food facts it’s time to try them. We can’t think of a better meal to start off with than breakfast, especially if you’ve never really explored some of the national dishes of Europe. It really is the best European food in America, to begin with. 

If you’re not a morning person, the Old European also has an extensive lunch menu of foods that originated in Europe. An array of sandwiches that come with traditional homemade soups and for those who want to dive a bit deeper into European food in America, Hungarian goulash. Feeling a sweet tooth? Indulge yourself with some of our rolls and sweet cakes. From buckwheat hotcakes to caramel pecan cinnamon roll, we have plenty to finish off your meal. 

The best European food in America is here. We’re so proud to have the privilege of serving it in Spokane, Pullman, and Post Falls, Idaho. Carrying on European cuisine traditions here, bringing authenticity and more delicious food to the region. Every time we see our neighbors dine, it’s like passing on a bit of history. Keeping a taste and palette alive. 

Thank you for helping us carry on the tradition of European food in America. See you soon!

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