February 28

Proud to be Among Post Falls Restaurants!

Thank you Post Falls for letting us serve you traditional European cuisine! We’re so proud to be involved in the community and get to know our neighbors while they enjoy our food. It’s almost like visiting family. When you’d go to an aunt or uncle’s house for a dinner they’ve prepared. Especially without emphasis on traditional European food, it’s like passing down the torch to our friends.

You’ve been so kind to us in reviews, in person, and it is a constant delight for all of us to walk into work every day. We wanted to share some things about us with you. Whether you’ve dined at the Old European or not you’ll find something here you may not have known before.

Serving Old European Style

If you didn’t know, we’re the only one among Post Falls restaurants that serve traditional old European cuisine. Our online menu shows all the breakfast and lunch items we have, our Hungarian coffee selection, and our homemade juices in case you want to take a peek before walking in.

If you’re thinking that our food is just a more bland version of familiar American foods, think again! This post here (link bland European food blog) goes into depth regarding how European cuisine got that awful reputation. Also, while you may see some familiar things on our menu American food is different than traditional European. They are certainly related but, familiar names don’t mean identical dishes.

Family Ran for Family Dining

Unlike so many restaurants, we are completely family-owned and ran! That’s right, each of our locations has a member of our family running the business. We are very much sharing our past and traditions with our neighbors in Post Falls and that’s why it feels so much like a family dinner every time we’re open.

Old European being family ran and owned also means there is extra accountability. If one Old European location in Spokane or Pullman does someone in our community a disservice, they have the whole family on them about it. That isn’t the only reason we work hard to provide great traditional European food but, it

3 Locations in the Family

It was mentioned a bit earlier but, just because you’re not in Post Falls doesn’t mean you aren’t a part of a community we serve traditional European food in. We also have locations in Spokane and Pullman, Washington. Each one owned by a member of our family and proud to serve families in each of the locations.

3 Restaurant Locations in the Family

All the quality and menus are the same, all serving traditional European food, and all committed to authenticity on the plate. You can rest assured that no one is skimping at the Old European in Post Falls, Spokane, or Pullman. Every dish is straight out of traditional European cuisine and cooked as if you’re touring menus around the continent. Each and every time.

Dine in the Best of Post Falls Restaurants

Passing through? European novelty for you! While we do serve authentic European cuisine, how often do you see that? Our Post Falls location is right on I-90 and easily accessible to those passing through to Montana or Idaho. Why not stop in and treat yourself to a dinner you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

The same goes for our Washington locations in Spokane or Pullman. Easily accessible and on the way. Perhaps you can see which one of our locations is the best and start a pool among the family. Though, from the reviews so far it’d probably be a draw. We’re proud to say that we’re among the best of Post Falls restaurants and one of the very, very few traditional European dining places in the county. Certainly a road trip memory at the least!

Post Falls Restaurants

There are many great places to dine in Post Falls and we’re just so happy that we’re among them. All serving unique foods in everyone’s own way, it’s a real honor to serve authentic and traditional European food among all the other Post Falls restaurants.

So, whether you’re part of the community in Post Falls, Spokane, or Pullman, whether you’ve dined with us or not, come on in and enjoy a tradition you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. An authenticity traveling from just across the Atlantic.

Peruse our menu, read through our blogs on the history and tastes of traditional European food. Any questions? Shoot us an email or give us a ring, we’re happy to have you over.

Thank you again everyone!

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