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What is European Food Like?

People want to know the ins and outs of something before they try it and so, it’s no surprise people ask what is European food like. While we’re all familiar with things like fish and chips or various kinds of pasta, there is a whole world of European foods. Remember that European food goes from Britain to Russia, that’s a lot of dishes that could be on a menu. 

If you’re unsure as to what is European food is like, let’s go over some of the differences and why there is not a totally clear cut answer. Remember though, reading about food is always different than experiencing it. 

The Differences

Every region has its thing and European food is no different. The dishes tend to be heavier on meats, flour, and starches. Bread, beef, lamb, noodles, butter, potatoes, all things common in European foods that aren’t as prevalent in others. Salad is also a major part of the cuisine, as is a particular order to the meal. While many cultures have an order to their meal, European cuisine was very much about appetizers being served one way and needing to have a particular sense of flavor to dessert being the same. It is now common practice for appetizers before meals, as you well know.

Things like rice and corn have become part of European foods but, they aren’t traditionally nor are they staple. It comes from cultures moving around the globe and trading cooking tips. Overall though, that is the core of European food. 

Every Place is their Own

What is European Food LikeJust because European cuisine tends to have ingredients in common doesn’t mean it is all the same everywhere. Asian foods have similar spices and ingredients but, Korean and Chinese foods are wildly different. The same goes for European cuisine. 

Italian food is different than Greek and French food is dissimilar from the British. Every country and culture has its own history, developing their own cuisine over the centuries. So, asking what European food is like can be rather difficult. You’d have to ask what each country’s food is like, though there may be similarities as noted above. 

The best way to find out what European food is like is to try authentic European food. You can travel the world from your plate, tasting the history of each culture and what they’ve brought to the table. Quite literally. 

More than a Continent

Counties like Germany and Poland have their own dishes as does Spain and Italy. Europe is more than a continent, it’s a land filled with dozens upon dozens of histories. Each has its own flavors and while some areas have more in common than others, each has its specialties as well. The French, for example, are known for their rich desserts. The Germans for their sausages, and the Italians for their pasta. 

It’s all European cuisine. 

There are Central European cuisines, Eastern European cuisines, Northern European cuisines, and Southern European cuisines. That would give you a closer taste evaluation but, Serbian foods would still be different than Albanian. That’s like saying food in New England is just the same as food in Kentucky. Different regions have their own spin, though they may come from similar roots.

If you’re really curious as to what is European food like, treat yourself to a few dishes and see it does taste like. That is what we’re most proud of at the Old European, offering people the chance to taste the other side of the world. Authentic and across Europe is what we offer. 

So, come on in and find out for yourself what is European food like. We’ll be happy to talk you through the menu, offer suggestions as to what you may like. Some things may be wildly different than what you’re used to and that can be the best surprise. Tasting something entirely new.

Reading about food is one thing but, it’s always different when it hits your tongue. Let’s solve that curiosity for you. Come on in and taste Europe. 

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