October 27

5 Reasons to have Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner is more common than actually eating breakfast. While breakfast shouldn’t be skipped, it’s hard to whip up or find time to sit down to a plate of pancakes in the morning. That could be the reason so many people opt to eat breakfast for dinner, to enjoy what they couldn’t at the start of the day. 

Since it seems to be a thing we all do, let’s solidify the practice of having breakfast for dinner by going over some reasons it’s GOOD to do it! Don’t take this as an encouragement for skipping breakfast, you should always eat before starting your day. This is just a little list of why you shouldn’t feel guilty about eating breakfast for dinner.

So Many Healthy Ingredients

Having breakfast for dinner usually brings guilt, like it’s an unhealthy meal. Nothing could be further from the truth but, as with any meal, it’s more to do with what you’re eating than the kinds of food tied to a specific time of the day. If you’re munching down on pop tarts for dinner, then that isn’t the healthiest thing in the world. On the other hand, if you’re enjoying an omelet or some buckwheat french toast or buckwheat pancakes, that is far healthier. 

Something as simple as eggs and toast is healthier than a rushed morning cereal. Eggs are basically a superfood! They are high in protein, low in calories, and have a variety of vitamins important to our health. That’s a great way to end the day and certainly nothing to feel guilty about when having breakfast for dinner.

More time for Elaborate Dishes

Part of the reason people skip breakfast is because of time. Many of our favorite breakfast meals take a bit to cook and if no one likes to get up a half an hour earlier to fit in a meal before heading to the office. That’s also why having breakfast for dinner is appealing, you have more time to whip up that decadent meal you’ve been craving. 

Even if you’re going out to eat and craving a 3-course breakfast, you have time to spare while the chef whips it up. You can afford to wait for some German sausage and eggs benedict, or banana stuffed french toast, then take your time enjoying them. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a good breakfast for dinner, no matter what time of the day the food is tied to.

Sweet and Savory

Many dinners are either on the sweet side or the savory side, more often on the latter. When enjoying breakfast for dinner, you have the option of putting syrup and compote. You can’t do things like that with a steak, except caramelized onions. If you’re feeling your sweet tooth and want a savory end, you can have the classic pancakes with bacon. Side note, who doesn’t dip their bacon in the syrup. 

If that alone isn’t a reason to have breakfast for dinner, then there is nothing more that can be said.

Quick and Cheap

Time crunches aren’t always at the beginning of the day but, no one skips dinner after skipping all the other meals. Having breakfast for dinner can be far quicker than waiting for pasta or chicken to cook. Also, breakfast food is a lot cheaper than traditional dinner food. Two very good reasons to enjoy breakfast for dinner, money and time. 

Eggs and toast, pancakes with bacon, even omelets are whipped up in minutes and cost less than $20 for ingredients. If you’re going out to eat, it’s often less than $10. Of course, this all depends on the quality of the ingredients whether you’re cooking at home or eating out. 

It’s Always Available Out

Almost every restaurant has breakfast for dinner and why do you think that is? It’s cheap, quick, and everyone wants it. It’s never too late for eggs or french toast. It just isn’t. That’s comforting as well, knowing that if you’re ever craving anything tied to morning meals, most restaurants will have it. Not every place has everything but, everyone knows how to cook pancakes or some sunny side up eggs. 

Rest assured that if you’re ever craving breakfast for dinner, no matter you stop, it’ll be there. Whether it’s good or not is a different question. 

No Shame in the Breakfast Game

Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s inappropriate to have breakfast for dinner or that it’s a bad way to end the day. Most breakfast food is comfort food and that sounds like a great meal to have after work. So, skip over the cold pizza and listen to your stomach. If you’re craving eggs, pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausage, or anything else usually had in the morning, then enjoy your breakfast for dinner.

One of the problems people think of when having breakfast for dinner is that they’re treating themselves in a way you’re not supposed to. Dessert is one thing but, a sweet treat of a breakfast at the end of the day? That’s just wrong. That sort of thinking is leftover from being a kid and not having dessert before dinner. Well, now you’re all grown-up and can have a dessert as dinner…like some fluffy french toast swimming in syrup with sweeter fruits decorating the plate.

Think about that, a lot of breakfasts are like desserts. So, if you want a meal and something to satisfy your sweet-tooth then look to a breakfast for dinner. The sweet and savory of breakfasts was mentioned earlier but, it’s also about the guilt many feel when wanting breakfast for dinner. So, when you’re thinking about enjoying a delectable meal only appropriate in the morning, remember that you can still be a big kid. Paying your own bills gives you the right to have breakfast for dinner. 

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