December 10

“‘Twas A Night in North Idaho” πŸŽ„

“‘Twas the night before Monday, in North Idaho’s lands,  

Where pines stand majestic, like time’s ancient hands.  

The snow fell so softly, adorning the PNW scene,  

In the quiet of night, so serene and pristine.

The families were nestled, all snug and quite tight,  

Dreams of the holidays made hearts take flight.  

While in our kitchen, yes, The Old European’s nook,  

We prepped for the morning, so come have a look!

Fresh-squeezed orange juice, a citrus delight,

Bright as the morning, chasing the night.

House-baked breads rose with a warm yeasty swell,  

Joining cinnamon rolls in their sweet spicy smell.

Fresh ground coffee, a rich aroma to entice,  

Poured in mugs that soon would be filled thrice.  

For here’s where Santa would stop ‘fore he roams,  

Whispering “It’s my favorite place,” before flying to homes.

Upon the griddle, our Dutch babies baked high,  

The peaches and lemon reaching for the sky.  

And let’s not forget those Aebelskivers so round, Β 

Laid with powdered sugar, deliciously crowned.

Amid the clink of dishes and holiday cheer,  

Family traditions draw everyone near.  

The world’s troubles pale beside the love we impart,  

For this season has magic for every ones heart.

At The Old European, we serve more than a meal,   

We share community warmth, that’s the real deal.  

To our customers and regional family, hear our festive call,  

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, we cherish you all!

In this time of year when memories weave,  

Togetherness triumphs on this Christmas Eve.  

So from North Idaho where the tall pines sway,  

We send love and cheer to brighten your day.

So Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night,  

May the season bring joy, hearts merry and light.  

Embrace every moment, relish the cheer,  

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a wonderful year!”

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