April 22

Take the Old European Home with You!

It’s a difficult time for our nation right now. The Old European is doing what it can to help by continuing service curb-side. We’re respecting the quarantining and social distancing by closing our dining room but ensuring that those who want traditional European food can still access it as well as our employees continuing to provide for their families. 

If you’ve been craving what’s on our menu, don’t fret! We’re still serving breakfast and lunch at The Old European and happy to bring it out to your car. It can certainly be stressful, having to cook 3 meals a day for you and your family. The concern at the grocery store and extra prep you’d need to do to ensure your safety. Part of dining-out was to take a break. That hasn’t changed just yet. You can still take cooking off your plate and pop by the curb for all the food you loved having inside our restaurant.

What’s on the Carry-Out Menu?

Exactly what you’d get in the restaurant! 

Let’s do a quick summary on The Old European’s curb-side breakfast:

-Danish Aebleskivers: literally meaning apple slices, it isn’t always an ingredient. Consider it almost like an improved donut hole, except the crust is more like a pancake. Great morning snack when on the go. 

 -Swedish Crepes: We all know what crepes are but, do you know how to make them the Swedish way? Well, if you’re in the mood for a crepe not hailing from France, or even if from France, stop on by our curb and pick some up for the family. 

 -Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll: One of the pleasures of a grab and go breakfast was the cinnamon roll. Not many people cook them at home and if they do, they use dough from a can. The Old European prides itself on cooking traditional European food from scratch and that’s still what you’re getting. Missing the cinnamon roll in your morning? Pop on by!

 -Buckwheat Gluten-Free Pancakes: Cooking gluten-free is an extra hurdle as it stands, more so with the quarantine we’re all facing. Don’t fret! The Old European is still dishing out gluten-free pancakes as well as gluten-free omletes. Don’t let your diet be compromised by the crisis!

Not interested in breakfast today? Let’s take a look at our curb-side lunch menu.

 -Irish Potatoe and Bacon Soup: If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, nothing like a bowl of soup to cheer you up. Especially when it’s loaded with potatoes and bacon.

 -Lentil Soup: Feeling something a bit more earthy and healthy? Get a taste of our lentil soup. Give the body what it needs to stay tip and top for a mid-day meal.

Just so you remember, all our homemade soups go with one of our hearty traditional European sandwiches. 

 -Greek Chicken Sandwich: Get a bit of the Mediterranean in your day with a hearty sandwich. Perhaps pair it with one of our soups. Comes with after all.

 -Black Russian Sandwich: If you’re feeling more northern, give this one a try. Feeling more Slavic? Order it with our goulash and give yourself a real treat.

 -Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Nothing wrong with going with something you’re more familiar with. Especially when it can come with our tomato and basil soup. Nothing cures the blues and sniffles like some classic grilled cheese with tomato soup.

Stayin-In While Eating-Out Together

We all have to do our parts to be there together. The Old European is committed to continuing to serve our community as families always have, feeding each other. So, if you need a break from the cooking and in the mood for a favorite dish you enjoyed in our dining room then stop on by. You can’t come in but, we’re happy to come out.

Stay safe. Eat Well. Be Healthy!

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