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Comfort Old European Foods for the Cold Seasons

Ever notice that menus change according to the seasons? Sometimes that’s due to local farming or a restaurant’s emphasis on farm to table foods but, it’s mostly a long tradition of matching the weather. A lot of summer foods are crisp, not too heavy, and help alleviate the extra heat in the air. 

The Old European doesn’t switch up its menu for the seasons since we stick with authentic and traditional European cuisine but, we do have foods for all the seasons including, the incredible autumn Idaho has. Let’s go over some of the comfort food options that are perfect to warm up with now that the chill in the air has arrived.

Cooling Down in Idaho

Idaho is a stunning state to be in during autumn. The foliage is breathtaking, so much so that people from around the country come when the leaves start changing in early October. Whether you live in the state or are visiting, it’s a great time for a road trip and outdoor excursions. That’s part of the reason we have a few locations, to serve more communities and be neighbors with more great people throughout this beautiful state. Also helps that we can spread traditional European food to more people in between their foliage adventures.

This is a great time to plan some outdoor hikes, trail walking, sightseeing, and whatever else gets the cool air on your face and a variety of colors in your eyes,  as well as some comfort foods in your tummy. 

Hot Foods Warm the Soul

Having a warm meal is half the pleasure of comfort foods in autumn but, there is a reason why comfort food is called that instead of just hot or warm. Typically, a comfort food feels good because it has ingredients that activate the brain’s reward system. It literally makes you feel good. It also tends to be on the heavier side, makes you feel comfortable and sleepy. 

You mustn’t confuse using food for comfort as comfort foods. The former is an unhealthy eating practice, using food to soothe emotions rather than foods that make you feel more comfortable. Either way, comfort foods are like a treat to enjoy rather than a diet to practice. It’s also more fitting to eat these foods in the colder months, they tend to give you that inner warmth that helps confront the colder air outside the restaurant. 

Alright, enough about the autumn and comfort foods. Let’s get into the fall foods the Old European has waiting for you.

Comfort Foods at the Old European 

It was mentioned earlier that the Old European doesn’t offer seasonal foods, so we’re highlighting the best foods on our menu for Fall in Idaho. Let’s start some homemade gems:

Homemade Soups

  • Nothing warms the soul faster than a good soup and at the Old European we have:
  • Butternut Squash Soup
  • Irish Potatoe and Bacon Soup
  • Sweet Tomato Basil Soup
  • Farmer’s Stew

They are, in fact, made from scratch at the Old European and are paired with traditional European sandwiches. Though, if you’re coming in autumn you might want to stick with some hotter foods or hearty sandwiches. 

Rolls & Sweetcakes

Nothing beats filling and sweaty to give you that warm feeling inside and that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this part of the Old European menu

  • Buckwheat Hotcakes, or pancakes if you prefer. Perfect for those who have a gluten allergy.
  • Cream Cheese Cinnamon Roll
  • Banana Stuffed French Toast
  • Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Roll
  • Banana and Pecan Hot Cakes

Signature European Dishes

Now for our specialties. We have plenty on the menu but, these are best to weed the chill out of your bones while enjoying the autumn air.

Swedish Crepe

Danish Aebleskivers, think of tiny little pancakes in the shape of donut holes.

Dutch Baby, think of a pancake in the shape of the pie crust and filled with fruit. 

Autumn the Old European Way

It should be said that we serve authentic Austrian coffee to further warm you up after a day outdoors. Perfect to pair with many of the comforting dishes listed above. Though, whether you go for freshly squeezed juice or authentic European coffee, you’re bound to be cozy and warm while enjoying any of the meals above.

So, come on in and warm up. Take in the multi-colored view while taking a break from the chilly air and enjoy the American foliage while dining on European traditions.

Stay safe, warm, and comforted come mealtime!

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