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A Unique Place for Breakfast in Post Falls

Breakfast in Post Falls

You can get breakfast anywhere in Post Falls and most people can cook it at home, so what drives someone to eat at a restaurant? It could be a good place to eat, or an easy restaurant to get to, but perhaps it’s the experience offered. Going out to a breakfast restaurant shouldn’t consist of a booth and a menu littered with what you could have done yourself, you want something different and served in a place that transports you to another world. At The Old European that is exactly what you get, styles of breakfast and meals served in another place and time. An experience that consists of delicious food in an environment distant from the Post Falls places to eat you’re so familiar with.

What makes The Old European so unique?

gluten intolerant pancake options

Well, have you ever had buckwheat hotcakes or Austrian coffee? Most breakfast restaurants serve instant or run of the mill coffee beans brewed quickly and left to burn for hours and use the same old same old pancake mix. We do our best to offer another world filled with the foods you would find in it, serving Post Falls uniquely and standing distinct from other restaurants. Don’t worry, we’re not so wildly different that the menu looks like an alien language, just an enriched experience that is separate from other places to eat in Idaho. We still have good ole fashioned bacon, sausage, and eggs. Though our sausage is German and eggs cooked large for a hungry family.

Beyond your Typical Breakfast

Beyond the usually offered breakfast cuisines, The Old European serves a variety of soups and desserts that continues our old-era European heritage. Don’t worry if you’re not up for potatoes and eggs, you can have some Irish Potato and Bacon Soup or Portuguese Bean and Sausage Soup. We don’t think you’ll find those in any chain in Post Falls, Idaho. Soups have a wonderful tradition in Europe and are often a light way to enjoy a full meal, especially in the winter. We can all agree that when the frost hits there isn’t anything like a big bowl of a hot soup. Speaking of hot beverages, tired of the usual stale coffee left to sit out? The Old European serves a variety of traditional European coffees you would find in any cafe, such as Salted Caramel Coffee or different types of Austrian Coffee. But, if not in the mood for anything fancy you can order some organic French Press Coffee for that early morning rise.

Authentic Means Real 

How many restaurants have original recipes that date back to several old countries? Sure, there are family recipe places to eat but that’s usually a personal style of food already here. At the Old European you’re not only getting an authentic taste of cuisines across the Atlantic but, original recipes. There is no fusion twist or personal take here. Just good old fashioned European meals. 

Another reason the Old European is a unique breakfast spot is that we use all real ingredients. Going in our kitchen, you won’t find stacks of premade batters or ready to microwave stuff. All our recipes are made from scratch. You’re eating real potatoes, fresh whipped cream, drinking real oranges, and actual butter. When we say real and authentic European breakfast, we mean everything in it is real. 

You can’t have authenticity out of a box, and European cuisine isn’t made from one. 

Brunch in Post Falls

If you’re more into brunch, The Old European offers sandwiches you can’t get anywhere else in Post Falls. Instead of your typical Kraft cheese between two slices of bread, indulge in our European styled grilled cheese with some tomato basil soup. Rather than the usual BLT have our Black Russian. We don’t cater to the usual here, our mission is to bring the old European world to Post Falls, Idaho and ensure that you get the authentic cuisine without the cost or time of air travel. Another example of our commitment to European tradition and authentic cuisine is our Hungarian goulash. Goulash consists of potatoes, veggies, eggs, and three types of meat that is usually topped with cheddar and tomatoes. If feeling especially hearty, you can go for our meat only goulash. This type of meal is certain to keep you full the rest of the day.

The Old European doesn’t just serve good and hearty meals for a hungry family, we know there is plenty of sweet tooth in Post Falls. So, let’s talk about rolls and sweet cakes. First off, our desserts aren’t heated in a microwave after sitting in fridge plastic wrapped. We cook our food to serve, so when you get our cream cheese or caramel pecan cinnamon roll you know it’s fresh. The same can be said for banana stuffed french toast or banana and pecan hotcakes. If your diet is more specific but still craving some extra sugar with your meal, don’t fret. We also serve gluten-free hotcakes that you can still drown in fresh syrup.

You have so many options for breakfast in Post Falls, but they all offer you the same thing. A uniformed server bringing you the same food cooked in the same kind of kitchen and eaten in similarly decorated restaurants. Not here, not at The Old European. We bring the culture and cuisine from the other side of the Atlantic to Post Falls and try to enrich your morning with a taste of a bygone era rather than jet-setting to various countries. Of course, we do hope you have the opportunity to vacation in Europe and see that what you’re served there is identical to what you’re served at The Old European back in Post Falls.

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