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Best Restaurant in Post Falls

Best Restaurants in Post Falls: Thank You Neighbors!

We are honored to be considered one of the best restaurants in Post Falls and take it as a sign that we’re living up to our commitment to being the best breakfast in Post Falls as well. We take the history and lineage of European breakfast seriously and had hoped you would be able to taste it in every dish. Every time a new review comes in, whether a positive or a negative, we take it as seriously as we take our extensive European dishes. 

We first opened as the “Old Country Waffles Cakes and Teas” in 1989 and soon found that remembering our heritage and honoring America at the same time could make this restaurant one of the best restaurants in Post Falls. A special place where craftsmanship replaced plastic wears and from scratch authentic foods would replace a rushed microwave meal. Going through the reviews of the Old European, we were right.

For example, here is one review from a guest we had:

“I was brought here by local family that I was visiting. I am so glad they brought me. This stuffed french toast was A.MAZ.ING!!! Possibly the best breakfast I have had in years. I wish this restaurant were located closer to my home because I would eat here all the time. I will definitely be back the next time I visit this area! – Kathleen D”

Thank you, Kathleen, for spending time at the Old European! It means a lot to everyone here when our waiters, waitresses, chefs, and the entire team is complimented. Each dish represents all the hard work of those who care about the quality of food delivered to our communities. Perhaps that is one of the reasons we’re the best breakfast in Post Falls. Come find out, perhaps try the stuffed french toast Kathleen mentioned.

“They have some of the best breakfast food around. If you go, order the orange juice. It’s fresh-squeezed on location, made to order. It’s the best orange juice you will ever have.” – Raxcental Ruthenta

Thank you Raxcental for mentioning our orange juice! Perhaps another reason we’re called the best breakfast in Post Falls is that we don’t do premixed or concentrate. We use fresh ingredients and freshly squeezed juice. What’s the point of being authentic if nothing is? That’s how we honor our communities and our heritage, by providing quality meals to our neighbors. We are only among the best reviewed restaurants in Post Falls because of how we treat our guests and we treat them with the best European breakfasts we’re able to. 

“Easily the best breakfast food in Post Falls. And their orange juice is second to none. Staff are extremely helpful and friendly. If you haven’t gone here yet, do yourself a favor and go.” – Idaho Made

Thank you Idaho Made! Another mention of our freshly-squeezed orange juice and a big compliment to our staff. It’s not just about the quality of the food or which part of the world it comes from, it means nothing without great service. Part of being among the best restaurants in Post Falls means having a wait staff that is second to none. They are the final touches on our neighbors having the best experience we’re able to give them. It’s like a thank you for ordering from authentic European food and an opportunity for us to show how grateful we are, through quality service. 

This may be a long thank-you note but, our guests and neighbors deserve one. We’re the most reviewed and among the best reviewed restaurants in Post Falls, you don’t know how much that means to everyone at the Old European. Our goal and hope is to continue to give you the best breakfasts Europe has to offer here in the United States. It’s a privilege to be in business and doing what we love, feeding our neighbors. 

We hope that we’ll continue to earn our spot among the best breakfast and still be among the best reviewed restaurants in Post Falls. Let us know how you enjoyed your meal and our wait staff, let us know if there is something you’d want to see, or that we could do better. If you have any questions about our menu, give our contact page a try. We’re happy to talk with our neighbors and see how we can keep our spot as one of the best reviewed restaurants in Post Falls. It means we’re continuing to serve our heritage and our community well.

See you at the breakfast table!

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