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7 Reasons You Should Leave Work For Lunch

leaving work for lunch

Benefits of Eating Your Lunch Outside The Office

Leave work for lunch? Why would a person do that? Why you’re saddled with the responsibility of producing for your Idaho employer and that doesn’t include leaving to go get fed and then come back. Eating at your desk is efficient!

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Except it isn’t actually that good for you.

Believe it or not, there are a number of benefits to leaving for lunch or at least getting away from your desk – including for you AND your employer. Here are 7 reasons why you should think about getting lunch away from that desk.

You’ll Be More Productive If You Leave Work For Lunch

A “Harvard Business Review” study found that workers that stepped away from their desks a few times per day, including at lunch time, felt 40 percent more engaged in their work. Other studies have shown that taking lunch away from the desk – and other strategic breaks during the day – likewise have a positive effect.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as it’s said, and the occasional break from the cubicle or desk does wonders for your desire to be good at your job. By taking a step away, you’re refreshed for when you come back, and happier workers are usually more productive workers.

You’ll Also Be More Creative

Those benefits for productivity? The same study found employees that stepped away for lunch and other strategic breaks also felt more creative in their work, and depending on the work that you do – those involved in logistics, management, marketing or advertising, engineering or other jobs that require creativity – it may even be vital to keep that creative energy up.

Socializing With Coworkers For Lunch Occasionally Is Beneficial

We all know that co-workers come and go, so it’s hard that they become “family” like some people say. However, they can become friends and have a pleasant relationship with coworkers is important to create a team atmosphere. As a result, it’s beneficial to socialize every now and again.

One of the easiest ways to do so is for everyone to go out to the best lunch in post falls, ID every now and again. In fact, some workplace surveys have even found some people wish they would more often.

Better For Your Desk To Go Out For Lunch

Another reason why you might want to consider leaving for lunch is that it’s better for your desk. When you eat at your desk, you can spill bits of liquid, crumbs get on the desk itself, your keyboard, the floor and so on.

As the line in a popular TV show went, “that’s how you get ants!”

Who wants to work at a dirty workstation?

Sitting Is The New Smoking

Another thing to bear in mind is that you need to get away from your desk more often. Increasingly sedentary lifestyles are taking a toll on people’s health and given that more people work in a chair instead of on their feet…that 8 hours or so every day takes a toll.

One of the best ways to defray that damage is to get up from your chair every so often…like going to lunch! If you happen to be within walking distance of somewhere you can get a bite…so much the better.

More Conscientious Eating

Leave work for a good sandwich
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Blue light from television screens, phones, computer monitors and so on has effects on the brain, and some studies suggest that one of them is consuming more calories and eating less conscientiously than you otherwise might.

By stepping away from the distractions, you can focus a bit more on eating and getting into the proper mindset for eating better.

You’ll Enjoy Your Meal More Away From The Office

A recent study found that people enjoy food more when it’s prepared by someone else. You ever make the same recipe that someone gave you, like a parent or other relative, but it didn’t taste quite as good when you made it despite following it to the letter? It’s different when someone makes it for you.

Even something as simple as a soup can be better by the simple act of someone else making it for you.

There are even benefits to eating a good soup for lunch as well.

As a result, you’ll enjoy your meal that much more, and if you’ve had a pleasant lunch…you’ll be in a better mood when you return.

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