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New York 10021, USA
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Need to contact The Old European Restaurant? Feel free to give us a call with one of the following phone numbers or visit a location and ask our staff. We’re more than happy to help!

Old European Restaurant Contact Information

Post Falls, ID Location
(208) 777-2017

1710 E. Schneidmiller Ave View Map
Open 7am – 2pm Monday – Friday
7am – 2
:30pm Saturday
7am-3pm Sunday

The Old European Restaurant Post Falls

Pullman, WA  Location
(509) 334-6381

455 South Grand Ave  View Map
Open 6am-2 pm Mon -Friday
6am – 2:30pm Saturday
7am-3pm Sunday

The food is delicious

Old European is wonderful. The food is delicious and the efficiency of the staff is bar none the best. I have breakfast there every Sunday morning and meet wonderful people. I highly recommend this place for a terrific relaxing meal. I simply love all the people that work there. As far as the COVID issue I am not concerned. The staff is extremely good about wiping everything down and it is always clean. As busy as it is I have not heard of any complaints from the health department or customers.

James Gleaves Customer

This place should be tried by all!

… Desert. I could personally make a meal out of 2 orders of it. I very rarely will leave a review on a Restaurant, but this place should be tried by all. It's fortunate …

Phillip Chambers Customer

5 out of 5

Friendly staff, fast, high quality food and the water tasted good. 5/5

Zach Ellis Customer