Need to contact The Old European Restaurant? Feel free to give us a call with one of the following phone numbers or visit a location and ask our staff. We’re more than happy to help!

Old European Restaurant Contact Information

Old European Restaurant in Pullman
Pullman Location

Pullman, WA  Location
(509) 334-6381

455 South Grand Ave  View Map
Open 6am-2 pm Mon -Friday
6am – 2:30pm Saturday
7am-3pm Sunday


Old European Restaurant in Spokane
Spokane Location

Spokane, WA Location
(509) 467-5987

7640 North Division View Map
Open 7am-2pm Monday – Saturday
7am – 3pm Sunday


Old European Restaurant in Post Falls
Post Falls Location

Post Falls, ID Location
(208) 777-2017

1710 E. Schneidmiller Ave View Map
Open 7am – 2pm Monday – Friday
7am – 2
:30pm Saturday
7am-3pm Sunday