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Top 6 Summer Breakfast Ideas At Old European in Post Falls

Post-Falls, ID Best Breakfast Place

As the weather heats up, heartier breakfasts with dense, heavier foods aren’t necessarily as relished, so it’s a good idea to have some summer breakfast ideas. As it happens, there are a number of fantastic options at the Old European. Summer flavors tend to be lighter, with fresh fruit added for a bit of sweetness instead of a savory overload to get you through those cold winter mornings.

Here are six amazing summer breakfast ideas that you can consider here at the Old European.

Swedish Crepes

swedish crepes at old european
Swedish Crepes

Crepes are a fantastic summer breakfast idea, as it’s like having pancakes but without being near as filling. Pancakes are usually quite heavy as the batter for them is much heavier with flour and therefore substantial. Crepes, on the other hand, are nice and light and when paired with a fresh fruit filling, are a wonderful treat to start the day with…such as our strawberry or lingonberry crepes with sweet cream filling.

Strawberry crepes are delicious of course, though plenty of people prefer the distinct taste of lingonberry. Norwegian crepes are a delicacy throughout much of the world and make just as tasty a breakfast.

All the fun of pancakes, especially with our fresh, homemade whipped cream, but without being overly filling.

Bacon, Avocado, And Spinach Omelet



Some people consider the omelet to be one of the best breakfast dishes you could possibly have. Our bacon, avocado and spinach omelet would surely be among the best examples.

This dish gives you a host of macro and micronutrients to get your day started right. Healthy fats, abundant protein, and all the micronutrients of spinach, long considered a superfood among greens. You also get hashbrowns and your choice of toast to give you some good carbs to go with it.

Ever hear of a power breakfast? This is it.

Eggs Benedict


Ham and Eggs Benedict
Ham and Eggs Benedict



If you want something savory, but not necessarily overpowering, Eggs Benedict is the ticket. That makes it among the best breakfast ideas for those that want something meaty but don’t want the malaise that follows a heavy meal in warmer weather.

We have two versions available. You can choose the classic, with fluffy poached eggs atop ham and crisp English muffins with a generous dollop of Hollandaise sauce, or with sausage, and served with potatoes.

French Toast With Strawberries And Sweet Cream

banana french toast in post falls
Banana Stuffed French Toast

If you want the light, sweet flavors of summer, how about French toast with strawberries and sweet cream? Sure, a strawberry waffle or with pancakes is certainly delicious but can be a bit heavy. That’s where our French toast with strawberries and sweet cream come in.

A small stack of French toast, hot off the griddle, with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream. While it’s among the best summer breakfast ideas, it’s actually a great breakfast idea any time of year.

Speaking of which…

Danish Aebleskivers

signature danish aebleskivers

Danish aebleskivers are a great summer breakfast idea or any time of year. Any time of day, even. Our homemade aebleskivers are one of the menu items that keep our customers coming back year after year, and with great reason.


While aebleskivers are a bit denser than some other types of the popover, they’re still light and fluffy. That lets you have a sweet treat in the morning and not feel too terribly guilty about it.

Ours can be had with our blackberry brandy syrup, or stuffed with blueberries and served with our homemade whipped cream. We even offer a savory version, stuffed with Havarti and sausage.

Two Eggs With Toast And Raspberry Jam

European Breakfast

Sometimes, simple pleasures are the best. Eggs and toast is a great breakfast, but we add a few touches you might not get everywhere else. Your choice of toast – we recommend our black rye – and two eggs, cooked to order.

What makes this a wonderful summer breakfast idea here at the Old European is our homemade raspberry jam. Not too sweet, like the commercial sugary sludge that you find in the grocery store, but not too tart. What jam is supposed to be?

If you like simple but pleasing, it’s a great way to start the day. Make your next Post Falls Breakfast a European one.

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