Coffee is in our blood!

In the Old Country, coffee was not easy to afford and was often unavailable for purchase. To many folks who had left

Europe’s hopeless economics for a chance of a better life in America, a hot cup of coffee at the crack of dawn (made from grounds that weren’t used yesterday and the day before that) before doing the chores in the fields, became symbolic of achieving a better life! Such was the case of our grandma Pedersen. To them, that early morning quiet ten minute cup of coffee together before the day began, meant everything. When grandpa became old and unhealthy, the Doctor said, “No more coffee.” Eventually, grandpa completely lost his memory and was put in a nursing home. Grandma visited him, but he did not know her. One day grandma came to visit him and brought her coffee pot along. She proceeded to brew coffee just like she always had, only there she had to shoo away the well meaning nurses. That day became a very special moment of life. The coffee brought back grandpa’s memory for a couple of hours. Grandma and grandpa talked all about the past, the family, the farm and all the special things they had shared in their lives together. The following day, grandpa passed away.