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No matter your dietary needs, you shouldn't have to skip out from great food or excellent restaurants. If you're among people who have gluten-sensitivity or a gluten-free lifestyle then you know how tough it can be sometimes to go out to eat. The Old European is proud to be among the the few gluten-free restaurants in Spokane, able to satisfy your desire for classic European dishes that won't upset your health. We open our doors to welcome anyone and everyone, no matter their dietary needs. We see it as our responsibility to make The Old European a comfortable place to enjoy breakfast, lunch,

Its become a bit of a bad habit to ignore lunch or to get it on the go. It's a good and healthy mid-day break to be enjoyed, even if it cannot always be leisurely. Lunch doesn't have to be a drawn-out meal either, things like soup don't take long to order or to eat but can be as hearty as a good breakfast. So, if on a lunch-break or just needing to get out for some good ole' fashioned mid-day meal, where would one go for soup in Spokane? Why not try a traditional European homemade soup at the

Here in the states, we think of our omelets as the typical omelet, maybe different fillings referring to different regions but essentially all the same. But, what if you were to find out that the American omelet is a very different style than that the European way of cooking an omelet was the "traditional". This isn't just about what the Europeans put in their omelet, though admittedly that is part of it, but how the eggs are rolled and cooked. It's a distinct style very separate from the American way and also difficult to find unless a restaurant is familiar

Breakfast in Post Falls You can get breakfast anywhere in Post Falls and most people can cook it at home, so what drives someone to eat at a restaurant? It could be a good place to eat, or an easy restaurant to get to, but perhaps it's the experience offered. Going out to a breakfast restaurant shouldn't consist of a booth and a menu littered with what you could have done yourself, you want something different and served in a place that transports you to another world. At The Old European that is exactly what you get, styles of breakfast and

All sorts of restaurants claim to have authentic foods, whether it's authentic tacos or an authentic European-style breakfast. Sometimes they actually do, too! But what IS a European-style breakfast? What do they actually eat for breakfast on a daily basis? Can I get something like that at Old European? The answer to that question is yes. You absolutely can! European-style breakfasts are actually quite diverse, as breakfast foods and practices vary from country to country. The continental breakfast served at many hotels is both close to the mark and completely off-base, depending on exactly what part of the continent you're on! What Is