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Ever thought about how were crepes invented or read over some fun facts about crepes? It's something to think about next time you're enjoying a plate of the French dish that has captivated so many over the centuries. It's actually pretty interesting how it happened and how it spread to other areas of Europe as well as the Mediterranean. If you've never heard the tale, let's go into it as well as talk about a few crepe history facts. You'll appreciate the dish so much more next time you're enjoying one. Where Do Crepes From? Henri Carpentier was a 14-year old assistant waiter

We are honored to be considered one of the best restaurants in Post Falls and take it as a sign that we're living up to our commitment to being the best breakfast in Post Falls as well. We take the history and lineage of European breakfast seriously and had hoped you would be able to taste it in every dish. Every time a new review comes in, whether a positive or a negative, we take it as seriously as we take our extensive European dishes.  We first opened as the "Old Country Waffles Cakes and Teas" in 1989 and soon found

Why is breakfast the best meal of the day and is that, in fact, true? A tradition or old tale couldn't have carried on this long without some kernel of truth, right? Luckily, we live in a time when conventional wisdom can be put to the test and as it turns out, the reasons why breakfast is the best meal of the day are indeed myriad. We're not all hungry as soon as we wake-up, but that doesn't mean breakfast isn't an important meal. It's more important than making sure your shirts aren't wrinkled and your hair is done nicely.

Enjoying a European breakfast often comes with familiar food names but, every so often you may come across a food you don't immediately recognize, like Aebleskiver. Foods that sound different than what we're accustomed to aren't tried too often, unfortunately. You'd be surprised how familiar a new dish could be even though the name is radically different. Aebleskiver is a great example of that and if you've been hankering for a true European breakfast or feel like exploring more European cuisines then indulging in an authentic aebleskiver recipe is a great way to satisfy that hunger. So, what is an aebleskiver

The Old European promotes authentic recipes cooked in a way that honors the cultural heritage of that dish and that is why we have the best Hungarian goulash. We take our dishes seriously rather than just adding popular items to a menu because everyone else has it. When you choose a place to dine, you're going for a reason and the one we give you is not only the best Hungarian goulash recipe but a commitment to authentic old European dining. Why go get another dish of French toast or Belgium waffles when they're the same at most restaurants? If