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New York 10021, USA
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Thank you Post Falls for letting us serve you traditional European cuisine! We're so proud to be involved in the community and get to know our neighbors while they enjoy our food. It's almost like visiting family. When you'd go to an aunt or uncle's house for a dinner they've prepared. Especially without emphasis on traditional European food, it's like passing down the torch to our friends. You've been so kind to us in reviews, in person, and it is a constant delight for all of us to walk into work every day. We wanted to share some things about us

Wondering what you would get when you see some European food in America? It's good to be curious about what is the best European food when trying it the first time. Any cuisine really, you'd want to know the best dishes. Before you can know what the most delicious items are on a menu, you first have to know what foods are European and which ones are not. You don't want to sit at a restaurant that specializes in European cuisine and look for tacos, for example. You also don't want to be told something is German sausage when it

People want to know the ins and outs of something before they try it and so, it's no surprise people ask what is European food like. While we're all familiar with things like fish and chips or various kinds of pasta, there is a whole world of European foods. Remember that European food goes from Britain to Every region has its thing and European food is no different. The dishes tend to be heavier on meats, flour, and starches. Bread, beef, lamb, noodles, butter, potatoes, all things common in European foods that aren't as prevalent in others. Salad is also a

Breakfast for dinner is more common than actually eating breakfast. While breakfast shouldn't be skipped, it's hard to whip up or find time to sit down to a plate of pancakes in the morning. That could be the reason so many people opt to eat breakfast for dinner, to enjoy what they couldn't at the start of the day.  Since it seems to be a thing we all do, let's solidify the practice of having breakfast for dinner by going over some reasons it's GOOD to do it! Don't take this as an encouragement for skipping breakfast, you should always eat