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Goulash is a stew that is traditionally made in Hungary, where it is called gulyás. A stew is basically two foods simmered together in a liquid, and in Hungarian goulash the stew is made from meat and vegetables and seasoned with paprika. It is a very common meal in many parts of Europe, and considered a national dish in Hungary and a symbol for that country. It first originated in the 9th century, when the meat and combination with various vegetables was flavored and cooked on slow fires, and then the stew so prepared was dried in the sun. This was

All food comes from somewhere, and while you may not think about the origin of omelettes late at night, it certainly will help come trivia night. Even if you're not the type for that sort of game night, food tastes better when you appreciate its origins as well as what goes into making it. Being that omelettes are a popular breakfast food and seems to be one around the world, where did it start? Who came up with that delicious idea for the world to enjoy most mornings? Sure, there are a lot of varients on it now, that's what happens

Ah, desserts, or even better, breakfast sweets. What a wonderful treat for finishing your meal or beginning a day. At least, that's a productive way to look at it, the feeling of earning your treat or an extra morning boost. Then again, if you're an adult then having a treat is having a treat. Ever wonder where some of these desserts come from? Like roll cakes and their variations? Fun little trivia to think over while enjoying the sweet little cake. Here at the Old European, we only serve traditional European food, but roll cakes are pretty interesting because no one

Ever notice that menus change according to the seasons? Sometimes that's due to local farming or a restaurant's emphasis on farm to table foods but, it's mostly a long tradition of matching the weather. A lot of summer foods are crisp, not too heavy, and help alleviate the extra heat in the air.  The Old European doesn't switch up its menu for the seasons since we stick with authentic and traditional European cuisine but, we do have foods for all the seasons including, the incredible autumn Idaho has. Let's go over some of the comfort food options that are perfect to

The COVID-19 pandemic has really changed the restaurant life. Many have closed while some, like the Old European, have continued to serve the community. With Idaho relaxing some of the restrictions, we're happy to have our community back inside our dining room. While it isn't the same as coming in and dining with friends or family like it was a few months ago, it is still a break from the constant cooking many people aren't used to doing. Not to say families across our community don't cook but, after working a long day or wanting to spend time with loved ones,