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WHAT IS A MONTE CRISTO SANDWICH? Enjoying old-styled European cuisine at The Old European Restaurant means biting into our mouthwatering Monte Cristo sandwich. Monte Cristo is not your basic grilled cheese sandwich or regular French toast. This delicacy combines delicious egg-fried sourdough bread with melted cheese, ham, and turkey center, which makes it a perfect snack for a lunch date with a friend or on a group outing after church.  The true Monte Cristo sandwich cannot be found in all regions of the country. It’s an extremely popular sandwich in the country’s north-western region, like where The Old European Restaurant resides. Those who

Eggs Benedict is one of the most popular American dishes for those seeking a hearty breakfast. It tastes rich, lemony buttery, and creamy (all thanks to the Hollandaise sauce it is topped with), and it is also quite easy to cook, making it an ideal dish for those who have busy mornings.  It is certainly among the most classic menu items in every restaurant today. But there was a time when the world was unaware of this scrumptious delicacy. So, how did we get blessed with this dish that makes Sunday brunch wholesome? Who invented eggs benedict and when?  It would not

A Dutch baby (or Dutch baby pancake), is also known as a German pancake, a Hootenanny, a Dutch puff, or a Bismarck, and is simply a large American popover.  A large Yorkshire pudding shares a lot of similarities with a Dutch baby. A Dutch baby is usually baked in the oven. This is different from a typical pancake, which is always fried on both sides on the stovetop. A Dutch baby is also relatively thicker than many pancakes. It also consists of zero chemical leavening ingredients like baking powder.  Although the thought of a Dutch baby pancake might have come from the

Goulash is a stew that is traditionally made in Hungary, where it is called gulyás. A stew is basically two foods simmered together in a liquid, and in Hungarian goulash the stew is made from meat and vegetables and seasoned with paprika. It is a very common meal in many parts of Europe, and considered a national dish in Hungary and a symbol for that country. It first originated in the 9th century, when the meat and combination with various vegetables was flavored and cooked on slow fires, and then the stew so prepared was dried in the sun. This was

All food comes from somewhere, and while you may not think about the origin of omelettes late at night, it certainly will help come trivia night. Even if you're not the type for that sort of game night, food tastes better when you appreciate its origins as well as what goes into making it. Being that omelettes are a popular breakfast food and seems to be one around the world, where did it start? Who came up with that delicious idea for the world to enjoy most mornings? Sure, there are a lot of varients on it now, that's what happens