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The History Behind Our Danish Aebelskivers

Marie Mekkelsen was born into a poor family of 11, in Lander, Denmark in 1888. At the young age of 9, she was hired out as a housekeeper. At age 15 she cleaned for a lawyer’s family. One-half year’s wages paid enough for her to buy a pair of shoes. In the year 1906, 18 years old, Marie came to America. Her brother, who had managed to borrow $50, had come ahead of her and paid her fare. The farewell meal prepared by her mother was her favorite, Danish Aebelskivers.

If you have never had a Danish Aebelskiver, the best way to describe them is sweet donut holes. They pair very well with a tasty jam. Words don’t do them justice though, come to the Old European restaurant in Post Falls and give it a try!

We use the original recipe which Marie’s mother used in Denmark.

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